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Accountants are important in any organisation. They help balance the books, find ways to reduce costs, and make sure you are profiting. Without an accountant, a business would struggle to function. Individuals can also rely on accountants to help them with their finances, planning and more. As a result, it is important that everybody hire one. You can do this very easily with Accountancy.

Types of accountants

A lot of people don’t realise that there is more than one type of accountant. In fact, there are many that specialise in various areas to provide you with precise and expert help for your situation.

Financial accounting

AccountantThis is what people typically expect an accountant to do. The work covers keeping track of the financial position of a person or company and taking care of the bookkeeping. They will look at incomings, outgoings, liabilities, and can help you improve and streamline the accounting processes. Using specific procedures, they will come up with financial reports These can be useful for the client, regulators and shareholders, as well as many other parties.

Management accounting

This is fairly similar to financial accounting because it involves tracking the position of the company and creating reports. While a financial accountant produces reports for external use, a management accountant creates them for internal use. This provides managers with information like the areas that are the most profitable, details that help them make decisions regarding the business. They can also interpret trends and make predictions based on knowledge and data.

Forensic accounting

People in this area of accountancy are financial detectives; they use accounting techniques to solve crimes. They analyse financial evidence in order to detect embezzlement and fraud. This information can be used in legal proceedings such as analysing the income of a couple who are divorcing so that the judge can issue a fair settlement. They can also help a jury understand financial data.

Tax accounting

Every business and individual will need to pay certain types of tax. An accountant working in this field can help you to understand what you need to pay and why. Tax legislation is complex and also regularly changes. This, along with jumping through hoops thanks to HMRC, calls for an expert who knows how to handle everything. Tax accountants track transactions to help with calculations. They will make sure no mistakes are made and help you pay the right amount of tax.

These are far from the only examples and one accountant might work in various areas. Whatever you need, Accountancy can have the answer. Our directory is full of all kinds of accountants who are first class experts. Rely on us if you are looking for a professional you can count on. We can help you find a skilful individual for your needs.